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Our mission is to raise awareness, challenge stigmas, and ensure that amputees are treated with dignity, respect, and equal opportunities.

- Jesse Chee

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Jesse Chee, an amputee and the President of M.A.P Inc., a non-profit organization, is making a significant impact in the lives of individuals facing limb loss. Through the Motorcycle Amputee Project (M.A.P), Jesse is on a mission to support amputees and their families, providing them with the resources and assistance needed to regain their independence and walk again.


Jesse's own journey began with the loss of a limb, but instead of letting it define him, he used it as a catalyst for change. As an entrepreneur, he founded a successful t-shirt business, demonstrating his resilience and determination. However, he soon realized that he could do even more by leveraging his experience to help others facing similar challenges.

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